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Partnership Initiatives

Partnership initiatives are being presented on the BASD website for further development in the lead up to the Summit. Initiatives will be displayed with a short description plus a link to the website. These partnership initiatives will be fed into the official UN preparations for the Summit. They will also be considered as 'Type 2 outcomes', which will be additional to the governmental outcomes of the Summit.

View the latest list of initiatives or submit your own initiative

Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Exhibition is a screen-based exhibition of best practices, initiatives and projects. It will be a continuous presentation in Johannesburg - centrally located in the main conference centre, and in exhibition halls and venues around the city. Screens will display 'live' and 'prepared' presentations including interactive web pages of sustainable development initiatives and projects from around the world. The exhibition is being co-ordinated in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Visit the Virtual Exhibition

"Lekgotla" - Business Day

BASD will host a high-profile 'Business Day' at the Summit aiming to bring together leaders from business, government and civil society to express commitments and initiatives in line with the agenda and main objectives of the Summit.

The Business Day will be held on Sunday, 1 September 2002. This places it at the end of the first week and one day before heads of state and government meet. This date provides the best opportunity for engaging high profile leaders from all sectors of society in fruitful discussions. The day is organised into four plenary sessions including keynote addresses and panel sessions with open audience participation. Each panel discussion will address a different sustainable development theme.

Read more about the "Lekgotla" Business Day

Legacy Projects

BASD fully supports the idea that the Summit should leave a lasting legacy, particularly in Africa. Such projects offer business a concrete and sustainable way of contributing to the Summit, and the projects should fit in well with normal business social development aims.

Read more about the Legacy Projects


"For us in business, we will see after open discussion and even criticism how what we think are our best examples could be made better and multiplied, and how we can contribute even more to making the world a more stable, sustainable and prosperous place for all its citizens."

World Business Council for Sustainable Development International Chamber of Commerce