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Business Action for Sustainable Development is a comprehensive network of business organisations that have come together under one banner in the interests of sustainable development. BASD is a joint initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


The BASD initiative is jointly funded by the ICC and the WBCSD. Key sector associations have provided additional financial support to BASD. This support is a welcome demonstration of commitment to the campaign. It also ensures visibility for the many sectoral initiatives being developed for the Summit.

South African Business Co-ordinating Forum

The South African business community has established a co-ordinating forum
to facilitate a coherent approach to issues concerning the Summit. The forum functions under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce South Africa and works closely with BASD.

Steering Committee

Guidance is provided by a small international Steering Committee under the leadership of Sir Mark Moody-Stuart.

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart
- Chair, BASD

Lord Holme of Cheltenham
- Advisor to the Chairman, Rio Tinto

Reuel Khoza
- Chairman, ESKOM

Maria Livanos Cattaui
- Secretary General, ICC

Björn Stigson
- President, WBCSD

Jack Whelan
- Senior Policy Manager, Energy and Environment, ICC

Claude Fussler
- Director, WSSD Preparations, WBCSD


"I look forward to seeing you in Johannesburg and we in business look forward to working with you to deliver real results in line with the targets and agreements which you make here in Bali and at Johannesburg. "

- Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, BASD

World Business Council for Sustainable Development International Chamber of Commerce