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Business Day Speeches

Power of partnerships
JOHANNESBURG, 4 September 2002 - Lastly we should like to thank all of you as governments for reaching agreement on an implementation plan. We in business are committed to working to make it happen, to deliver sustainable development, together with you as governments and with other Major Groups, said BASD Chair, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart in his closing address at the Johannesburg World Summit.

Kofi Annan addresses business community
JOHANNESURG, 1 September 2002 Private sector part of the solution, says United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan in his Business Day address at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Prime Minister Chrétìen addresses BASD event
JOHANNESURG, 1 September 2002 I am please that my first formal event at the Summit is to address BASD, an organization whose very essence is partnership, Canadian Prime Minister Chrétien said in his Business Day address.

EU President Rasmussen speaks at Business Day
JOHANNESURG, 1 September 2002 Economic growth is the key to both eradication of poverty and to a better environment, EU President Rasmussen urged in his Business Day speech at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

BASD Vice-Chair Brings Business Day to a Close
JOHANNESURG, 1 September 2002 Business needs to actively work towards commitments in support of a sustainable legacy out of the WSSD - the most enduring of which will be the realization of NEPAD as a true Sustainable Development partnership, said Reuel Khoza in his closing remarks to Business Day.

Business Pledge for Action
JOHANNESURG, 1 September 2002 Summing up Business Day, Lord Holme of Cheltenham, BASD Vice-Chair called upon the world business community to make its commitment to sustainable development clear.

Business needs rules to cooperate
JOHANNESBURG, 29 August 2002 - In a speech from the plenary floor at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, BASD Chairman Sir Mark Moody-Stuart said that in order to maximize its contribution to sustainable development business needs regulation of markets and strong local governance.

Johannesburg follows in the footsteps of Rio and Stockholm
25 June 2002 - Ten years after the Rio Earth Summit, President Cardoso of Brazil passes torch to South African President Thabo Mbeki in ceremony to honour upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Business addresses World Food Summit in Rome
13 June 2002 - Kristen Sukalac, International Fertilizer Industry Association, expressed business & industry's willingness to engage in partnerships to work towards the eradication of world hunger.

Business ready to take action on Summit goals
6 June 2002 - BASD Chair, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, stresses business commitment to partnerships and delivery of sustainable development goals in statement at Summit preparatory meeting in Bali.

Business leader speaks on Summit outcomes in Bali
29 May 2002 - Business is committed to turning the path to the Summit into a roadmap for sustainable development in the future says Reuel Khoza, ESKOM Chairman.

Business proposes partnerships for action
27 May 2002 – BASD Vice-Chairman, Lord Holme, addresses the opening session of World Summit on Sustainable Development preparatory meeting in Bali.

Globalisation in the 21st Century
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, Business Action for Sustainable Development on delivering the energy needed for development, and the governance structures to support sustainable development, 13 March 2002 (HTML/ 101 kb/ 54 kb)

Business regulation should not stifle enterprise, BASD chief says
26 February 2002 - Business regulation should be used to encourage best practice, not to punish and penalize, Lord Holme insisted in a speech about corporate accountability.
(Complete speech 71 kb)

How to achieve, and sustain, development in the 21st Century
Speech by Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General at London School of Economics and Political Science, 25 February 2002
(HTML/ 60 kb/ 33 kb)

Harness the force of globalisation, closing message to the UN
Speech by Reuel Khoza, BASD vice-chairman at PrepCom II, New York, USA, 31 January 2002
(HTML/ 66 kb/ 28 kb)

Mining Industry Looks to Retool for Sustainable Development
Speech by Jay Hair, Secretary General, ICMM, at PrepCom II, New York, USA, 30 January 2002 (Speech courtesy of IISD)

Introduction to the WSSD Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue
( 90kb/ 34 kb/)
Speech by Mark Moody-Stuart at PrepCom II, New York, USA, 29 January 2002

Strategies for Sustainable and Equitable Management of Water Resources
( 10kb)
Speech by Anne Weir (Unilever) at the International Freshwater Conference in Bonn, Germany, 3-7 December 2001

Equitable Access and Sustainable Supply of Water for the Poor
( 12kb)
Speech by Alain Mathys (Odeon) at the International Freshwater Conference in Bonn, Germany, 3-7 December 2001

COP7 - Marrakech, Morocco (HTML)
Richard Sykes during the High Level Ministerial Plenary Session on behalf the WBCSD, 8 November 2001

Regional Preparatory Conference for Africa (HTML)
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart during the Opening Ministrial Session, Nairobi, October 17, 2001

South African Chamber of Business (SACOB) Annual Meeting (HTML)
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, BASD Chairman, Johannesburg, 15 October 2001

Europe and North America Regional Ministerial Meeting for the World Summit on Sustainable Development

International Sustainability Symposium (HTML)
Lord Holme of Cheltenham, BASD steering committee member, Sustainability Forum, Zurich, 25 September 2001

IMBIZO Business Conference (HTML)
Lord Holme of Cheltenham, BASD steering committee member, South Africa, 5 May 2001


"Business has a responsibility to innovate, to market safe & sustainable products and services that improve quality of life & are broadly accessible. It must adopt high ethical standards in how it operates & provide information that enables people to make appropriate choices."

World Business Council for Sustainable Development International Chamber of Commerce