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Legacy Projects provide an opportunity to leave a legacy of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Africa. The proposed legacy projects will be implemented through partnerships between business, governments, international organisations, and civil society groups.

Through these projects, the Summit will be a catalyst for the achievement of sustainable development in Africa. Support of the proposed legacy projects offer business a concrete way of contributing to the Summit and to sustainable development in Africa.

Legacy Projects:

Johannesburg Climate Legacy Project
The Johannesburg Climate Legacy will 'offset' the additional greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the World Summit on Sustainable Development through investments in carbon-reducing projects across South Africa. Companies, individuals, and governments can sponsor this 'offset' by making donations on-line.

African Energy Fund
The African Energy Fund will leverage and channel funding from the private sector and international financing agencies for energy and electricity infrastructure projects in Africa.

Bikes for Africa
Over 1000 bicycles will be presented to the city of Johannesburg. Bicycles are non-polluting, promote good health, and improve the quality of life in urban communities.

Flower Valley Project
This legacy project is about demonstrating the viability of a business model for resource conservation and sustainable livelihoods, which has the potential for replication both within and beyond South Africa.

Sustainable Agriculture resource for Rural Ghana
The Sustainable Agriculture Integrated Resource for Ghana in an NGO formed in 1995 by Ghanaian agricultural scientists with the aim of promoting sustainable agricultural growth and alleviating hunger and other problems in drought affected areas.

Sustainable Living Education Centre
The Johannesburg Zoo company and the Endangered Wildlife Trust will initiate this legacy project that aims to promote sustainable living, educating children and adults alike about their roles as custodians of the planet and its biodiversity.

Water Neutral Legacy Project
The Water Neutral Legacy Project addresses the pivotal role water and sanitation play in the eradication of poverty and disease. The project aims to ‘offset’ the addition water consumption resulting from the World Summit on Sustainable Development by funding projects that will contribute to the development of water and sanitation services throughout South Africa.

West Africa Water Initiative
A $41 million project to provide potable water and sanitation to rural villages in Ghana, Mali and Niger, West Africa


"We invite you to demonstrate your support and make a financial contribution to the Johannesburg Climate Legacy that will fund a cluster of development projects that will leave a sustainable development 'legacy' and benefit local communities long after the Summit participants are gone" Read the full appeal

- Björn Stigson, WBCSD President