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Flower Valley Project

Lead Organisation:

Flora Valley Conservation Trust


Western Cape, South Africa

Time period:

ongoing since 1999


Cape Action Plan for the Environment. Supported by the GEF and UNDP

Aghulas Biodiversity Initiative

South Africa National Parks

Flora and Fauna International

Flower Valley Conservation Trust

Shell International

Shell Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.



To conserve the unique biodiversity of the Aghulas Plain by embracing sustainable farming.

To be viewed as a successful 'pilot model' by farms in the surrounding fynbos areas in the Western Cape to ensure the replication of the project.

To distribute benefits to the local community, a community which is currently suffering high unemployment. Flower Valley will provide a school to facilitate education and run courses on healthcare and HIV prevention. As the farm expands, unemployment in the region will be gradually alleviated.

To diversify into other micro enterprises such as paper making, compost manufacture and eco - tourism.

To become commercially viable, and to be a leader in the retail of the fynbos products. It is anticipated that Shell will sell the flowers in the 'Select' stores.


Measurable results and specific targets:

The Flowers have been awarded an international flower label which verify their sustainable production. This will facilitate overseas exporting.

The farm has been rebuilt and the working conditions greatly improved: this will serve to increase productivity.

The farm supplies many networks in South Africa with its products, including the Kruger Park and Woolworths.

A full time executive director has been appointed to oversee the project for the next three years.

Shell is looking to integrate the farm firmly in to its business supply chain.

It is anticipated that more of the local community will become involved as the farm expands.


Implementation mechanisms and further application:

The principal source of funding for this was Shell International. This funding has assisted in the rebuilding of the farm workshops and the appointment of the executive director.

The project provides the perfect basis for replication and it embraces the three pillars of sustainable development - economic, environmental and social. The link to the GEF and UNDP means that success in the Western Cape can be replicated globally.





Charlotte Keenan



Shell Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd


Shell House, 9 Riebeeck St


Cape Town


Western Cape

Postal Code:



South Africa


+27 21 408 4522


+27 21 425 3807

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