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ForesTrade: Promoting Sustainability at the Source

Lead Organisation:

ForesTrade, Inc.


Guatemala and Indonesia

Time period:

1996 - Ongoing

Web link:



EcoLogic Development Fund

Conservation International

The Nature Conservancy

CARE International

ForesTrade de Guatemala SA

ForesTrade Indonesia

Local NGOs and businesses in Guatemala and Indonesia

1000 farmers in 32 communities in Guatemala

3,500 local farmers in Indonesia



To serve as an environmentally and socially responsible international business that directly supports sustainable agriculture, conservation of natural resources, preservation of biological diversity, and promotion of socio-economic and self-determined community development.

To produce a consistent supply of quality certified organic products, including spices, coffee, and essential oils, while providing our customers reliable distribution and commercially competitive prices.

To promote socio-economic development by linking farmers with new and higher valued markets, and by paying farmers an organic premium for their products, which is always above conventional spot prices.

To help break the cycle of farmer debt and finance community based micro-enterprises by providing working capital loans and promoting credit and saving schemes to qualifying farming communities.

ForesTrade’s activities meet Agenda 21 target areas such as promoting secure food supplies, poverty alleviation, sustainable land management and mountain development strategies, combating deforestation, promotion of science and international finance in developing countries, and the greater involvement and integration of NGO’s, indigenous peoples, local authorities, business, scientists, and farmers.


Measurable results and specific targets:

Approximately 6,000 farming families, cultivating over 100,000 hectares are supported in maintaining sustainable agricultural practices through economic incentives. Results from organic practices include greater soil fertility and increased yields and pest resistance.

Affordable capital loans and organic premiums have enabled significant improvements to community infrastructure, such as: 14 community based cardamom and all spice dryers, construction of community centers, purchase of transport vehicles for delivering products, refurbishing four local mosques with improved community water systems, and the development of nurseries for reforestation in the majority of farming communities.

Affirmation of cultural diversity through employment of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual staff, which include, local indigenous populations and field extension staff who are proficient in local dialects.

Our time frame is open-ended, as ForesTrade is committed to indefinite support and continued activity in our partner regions.

Reporting devices include organic certification from five external certifying agencies, Fair Trade certification for coffee production in Indonesia, social and environmental reporting requirements required by The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, and quarterly and annual reports to investors.


Implementation mechanisms and further application:

Active since 1996 with primary activities in Indonesia and Guatemala.

Funding sources include profits from sales, private investors, conventional creditors, and customers and foundations dedicated to the social and environmental mission, who provide grants and working capital to our partnering grower groups and farming communities.

Technology transfer and capacity building occur through extensive and ongoing sustainable agriculture skills training, infrastructure design and development, organizational development support, and financial management support provided by ForesTrade's regional staff and partner NGOs.

Possible future implementation in Mexico and Africa and expansion in current regions of Indonesia and Guatemala.

ForesTrade’s projects proactively initiate and connect with local and international NGO’s and national governments that have habitat conservation policies and related community programs in the same regions.





Sylvia Blanchet



ForesTrade, Inc.


41 Spring Tree Rd.





Postal Code:



United States of America


+ (802) 257-9157


+ (802) 257-7619

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