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Summit outcomes to spark business action.
JOHANNESBURG, 4 September 2002 - As the Johannesburg Earth Summit comes to a close today, business and industry delegates reacted to the outcomes by devising strategies to turn words into action.

The business conclusion
JOHANNESBURG, 4 September 2002 - As we move forward the view of business could be summarised in the words of Elvis Presley: A little less conversation, a little more action.

Get the business reaction.
JOHANNESBURG, 3 September 2002 - Get the business reaction to the latest version of the polical declaration at 2.00pm at Café Select, Sandton Convention Centre.

Business Pledge for Action
JOHANNESURG, 1 September 2002 – Summing up Business Day, Lord Holme of Cheltenham, BASD Vice-Chair called upon the world business community to make its commitment to sustainable development clear.

Mining multinationals back Blair plan on disclosure.
JOHANNESBURG, 1 September 2002 - The CEO's of the world's three biggest mining companies have issued a joint statement backing British Prime Minister Tony Blair's corporate transparency initiative.

Sustainable development: the contribution by the automotive industry
PARIS, 1 September 2002– The world vehicle industry is actively addressing sustainable development in its three main concepts - environmental protection, economic growth and social equity.

Mining Industry and IUCN – The World Conservation Union Announce Partnership on Mining and Biodiversity
JOHANNESBURG, 31 August 2002– The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), the global voice of the industry, and IUCN – The World Conservation Union today launch a partnership to work together on mining and biodiversity.

Electricity industry affirms common goal towards sustainable practices
JOHANNESBURG, 31 August 2002– Electricity industry states that enormous challenge of bringing sustainable working in isolation and wishes to engage in open dialogue and develop partnerships with a range of other stakeholders.

Business teams up with partners to promote sustainable development
JOHANNESBURG, 30 August 2002 - Business has come to Johannesburg with a range of partnerships for sustainable development. See a list of new initiatives and people to contact to find out more.

Chemical industry committed to implement action plan on safe chemicals management in developing countries.
JOHANNESBURG, 30 August 2002 - Director Dr Udo Oels, Member of the Management Board of Bayer AG, will announce the commitment of the international chemical industry to develop and implement an action plan to improve safety in the handling and use of chemicals with focus on developing countries.

Business needs rules to cooperate
JOHANNESBURG, 29 August 2002 - In a speech from the plenary floor at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, BASD Chairman Sir Mark Moody-Stuart said that in order to maximize its contribution to sustainable development business needs regulation of markets and strong local governance.
Connect direct to Video of the speech.

Fertilizer industry calls on governments to expand Africa’s infrastructure
JOHANNESBURG, 29 August 2002 - IFA urges governments at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg to make infrastructure investment a priority for poor, rural regions.

Business and UN team up to recognise sustainable partnerships at Earth Summit
JOHANNESBURG, 29 August 2002 - The United Nations and ICC: the world business organization today named ten business partnership programmes from around the world which are making an outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

Water and Sanitation: The Business Case
JOHANNESBURG, 27 August 2002 - BASD makes the business case for water and sanitation and offers five key messages to help accelerating the pace of improvement.

Talking not fighting - Youth bridging the gap
JOHANNESBURG, 27 August 2002 - WBCSD Young Managers brought 60 young people from business, civil society, government and other organizations to talk about business & society.

Business at the Johannesburg Summit (Video)
JOHANNESBURG, 26 August 2002 - View live webcast of first business press conference at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.

Forest and Paper Associations of the World Assess Industry Sustainability 10 Years After Rio
JOHANNESBURG, 26 August 2002 - The ICFPA is committed to the principles of sustainable development and to working with other stakeholders to ensure the environmental, social and economic benefits of our natural resources are available to current and future generations.

Virtual Exhibit makes UN history with inaugural broadcast
JOHANNESBURG, 26 August 2000 - The opening day of the Johannesburg Earth Summit will see government leaders tussling over texts, protestors banging their drums – and the start of a quiet revolution in a tiny corner of the Summit convention centre.

Educational partnership initiative to be presented at Jo’burg Summit reaffirms industry commitment to sustainable agriculture
BRUSSELS, 26 August 2002 - CropLife International reaffirms the plant science industry’s commitment to providing access to the latest agricultural information and technologies to farmers and their communities, allowing them to make educated choices to enhance their livelihoods.

The European Food and Drink Industry welcomes the Opening of the World Summit
23 August 2002 : Brussels - CIAA say the Johannesburg Summit should create the necessary conditions for the industry to become a strong partner in a global strategy for more equitable growth and sustainable development.

Virtual Exhibit boosted by UN support
16 August 2002 - The United Nations officially endorsed the Virtual Exhibit today in a video statement from Earth Summit Secretary-General, Nitin Desai.

Business sets up HQ in Johannesburg for World Summit
16 July 2002 – Business preparations for the upcoming World Summit in Johannesburg are reaching their final phases as the private sector rallies ahead of what is expected to be the world’s biggest UN conference.

Virtual Exhibition brings the world to Johannesburg
13 June 2002 - Business teams up with the UNDP to host a multi-media showcase of sustainable development initiatives at the Johannesburg Summit. Include your project in the Virtual Exhibition.

Moody-Stuart appointed to key UN advisory body
10 January 2002 - BASD chairman Sir Mark Moody-Stuart was yesterday named by Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General, as one of only eleven world business leaders to join a special UN advisory panel.

Date Change for Johannesburg Summit - Final UN Vote Friday 21 December
17 December 2001 - A resolution setting the new dates for the Johannesburg World Summit to 26 August to 4 September 2002 will go forward to the UN General Assembly on Friday 21 December for final approval.

Food and a better livelihood through poverty alleviation
4 December 2001 - Croplife International Press Release. The plant science industry and a variety of stakeholders support smallholder farmers in developing countries to reach sustainable agricultural production.

Business tackles water challenge at world conference
3 December 2001 - ICC will lead a delegation of more than 40 business representatives to this week's International Conference on Freshwater, seeking to find solutions to one of the most pressing development issues - the provision of freshwater to a growing world population.

Cement giant joins forces with WWF to reduce emissions
15 November 2001 - The French building materials company Lafarge has joined forces with the WWF. Lafarge's global commitment is to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% per tonne of cement produced worldwide over the period 1990-2010.

Novo Nordisk launches international foundation to help combat diabetes in developing countries
Copenhagen, Denmark , 13 November 2001 - Novo Nordisk today announced a decision to establish an international foundation - the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) - with the purpose of supporting projects that will improve diabetes care in developing countries.

Leave a legacy in Africa, business meeting decides
Paris, 18 October 2001 - The summary report of BASD inaugural meeting notes agreement among participants to use next year's World Summit as the catalyst for business to create SD projects in Africa that will have a "real and lasting benefit for the people of the African continent".

Business tells governments to pay up for Summit
Paris, 10 October 2001 - BASD has called on governments to provide funding for next year's World Summit on Sustainable Development and relieve South Africa as host country of an unacceptable financial burden that was imperiling the event.

Business sees key consumer role at Summit
Paris, 9 October 2001 - Business preparations for next year's World Summit have moved into top gear with an appeal to governments for clarity about what should be expected of companies - and insistence that consumers have a key role to play.

Protesters bang the drum for BASD
Paris, 9 October 2001 - More than 40 drum-wielding protesters besieged ICC headquarters today in an attempt to disrupt the inaugural meeting of BASD. The protesters waved banners and brandished slogans decrying the creation of this new international business network.

Business, UN meet to set sustainability agenda
Paris, 8 October 2001 - Industry leaders and UN officials will meet in Paris tomorrow to discuss the business agenda for next year's World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.

BASD calls for "inclusive" World Summit process
Paris, 27 September 2001 - Fresh from a three-day tour of Johannesburg, BASD chair Sir Mark Moody-Stuart has called for a "fully inclusive" process at next year's World Summit on Sustainable Development - including a public meeting with NGOs and an exhibition space

Business gears up for Earth Summit
Paris, 31 July 2001 - Business leaders from all over the world will gather in Paris in October for the first major meeting of the new environmental initiative, Business Action for Sustainable Development (BASD).

"Our aim is simple. It is not to create yet another business organisation but rather create a network to ensure the world business community is assigned its proper place at the Summit and that we are seen at the event itself to be playing a constructive role."

- Sir Mark Moody-Stuart,
Chairman, BASD

Please visit the WBCSD and the ICC websites for further information.

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