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The business conclusion

JOHANNESBURG, 4 September 2002 - Business welcomes the agreement reached at this Summit, and particularly the Implementation Plan.

Business is at its best when it has clear goals and practical targets. These give us a framework for entrepreneurial opportunities, long-term planning and partnership possibilities.

So we are rolling up our sleeves to help make it happen.

We need to make sustainable development happen by generating economic growth with greater resource efficiency, minimizing environmental impacts and with maximum social well being for more people.

We also welcome the growing realization that business is an indispensable part of the solution to the problems of the world.

We have improved our relationships with governments, NGOs and others. Together we will turn the idea of sustainable development through practical partnerships into a growing reality on the ground.

As we move forward the view of business could be summarized in the words of Elvis Presley:

“ A little less conversation

a little more action”


Read the Johannesburg Business Pledge for Action