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Pre-WSSD Business Survey

Is Sustainable Development a truly salient concept in today¹s business environment? Do business executives think the corporate sector needs to play a leading or supportive role in addressing SD challenges?

In order to address these questions and to better understand the role of the business sector in the WSSD process, an online survey of global business professionals was launched on August 1st, 2002, known as the Pre-WSSD Business Survey -

This survey seeks to crystallize what leaders from multiple industries, sectors, and international geographies consider to be the most important issues acting on business and sustainable development. Findings from the survey will be presented at the LEKGOTLA Business Day at the WSSD on September 1, 2002.

The research is an initiative of Environics International (soon to be GlobeScan Research), a global issues research firm that specializes in custom and public opinion research on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

If you would like to add your views to this research, you can complete the short questionnaire at:

A free copy of the findings will be sent to those who participate.

For further information about this research, please contact