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‘The World Summit needs you’

16 August 2002 - Between 24th August - 4th September around 50,000 government, NGO and business representatives from around the world will be converging on Johannesburg to discuss and agree policies which will help to protect our environment. It's an important event. But the necessary flights, ground transport, and energy use at the venue will also produce 500,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2)

The Summit invites you to take part and 'neutralise' some of this 'hot air'. For only $10 you can help fund a project that will reduce CO2 emissions in South Africa - by replacing fossil fuels in hospitals with solar panels, for example. These CO2 savings will compensate for the Summit's emissions and so make it Carbon Neutral.

If you are participating in the Summit, click here to calculate the emissions you will be responsible for, and make a donation to offset them

If you're an individual you can take part by buying a Climate Legacy Certificate for $10

If you're a company, you can take part by buying Climate Legacy Certificates from $1000

All donors will receive a commemorative certificate, and you could also make a personal dedication on the official Summit Register of Support

Thousands of people as well as corporations and governments are getting involved in this campaign - The Johannesburg Climate Legacy. In so doing each is voting for sustainability on this unique world stage. Let's make it a resounding vote - please forward this email on to your employees and members, your customers and friends.

More information on Climate Legacy.

Find out more about Legacy Projects.