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Blame game

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, 28 August 2002 - Usually I applaud Maude Barlow's position on her organization's various campaigns, but this time I think she only serves to entrench those corporations that are looking for an excuse not to join the good-corporate-citizen ranks. Why should they if they are just going to get their knuckles rapped anyway?

The Business Action for Sustainable Development is the product of the emergence of companies that are by and large transparent and open to constructive criticism. As much as we deplore corporate "greenwash" and lobbying for deregulation, I am willing to believe that the majority of members of BASD are indeed working with the three pillars of sustainable development in mind -- the economy, the environment and social welfare. That they are willing to step under the microscope to do so proves my point. Those that I have met from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and BASD are sincere participants in the process to make the world a better place.

In fact, some would even argue that business is filling a vacuum while governments are backing away from their Rio promises. Yes, corporations are part of the problem, but they are an integral part of the solution as well.

Ms. Barlow could best focus her attention on those corporations that are not paying attention to the World Summit on Sustainable Development.