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Marine Stewardship Council: The MSC Standard for Sustainable Fisheries

Lead Organisation:

Marine Stewardship Council



Time period:

on-going since 1997; operating independently since 1999

Web link:



Broad coalition of partners and supporters from over 100 organisations and over 20 countries



The MSC has developed an environmental standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries. It uses a product label to reward environmentally responsible fishery management and practises. Consumers, concerned about overfishing and its environmental and social consequences will increasingly be able to choose seafood products which have been independently assessed against the MSC Standard and labelled to prove it. The MSC's primary and measurable objectives are:

To increase the overall sustainability of the world's seafood;

To increase the percentage of the global seafood market certified to the MSC standard; and

To increase awareness of the MSC eco-label.


Measurable results and specific targets:

Established the MSC standard in 1997, an internationally relevant and applicable set of principles and criteria for sustainable fishing. The MSC standard was developed with the extensive international consultation of a wide range of fishery stakeholders, including fishers, industry, regulation, processors, retailing, consumer organisations, non-governmental organisations, and other interested parties.

Created the MSC eco-label, which identifies products from MSC certified fisheries. Through the MSC standard and eco-label, MSC harnesses consumer purchasing power to generate change and promote environmentally responsible stewardship of the world's most renewable food source.

More than 100 major seafood processors, traders and retailers from over 20 countries around the world, have pledged their support for the MSC programme.


Implementation mechanisms and further application:

Encouraging independent certification of fisheries to the MSC standard;

Identifying, through the MSC eco-label, products from certified fisheries;

Encouraging all those who buy and sell seafood to source MSC eco-labelled products;

Promoting our work and that of our partners to increase public awareness of, and support for, our programme;

Monitoring, evaluating and developing the MSC standard to ensure its continued relevance and credibility.

The MSCI - a subsidiary of the MSC - raises revenue for the MSC through logo licensing and accreditation fees.





MSC Office



Marine Stewardship Council


119 Altenburg Gardens


Unit 4 Bakery Place



Postal Code:

SW 11 1JQ


United Kingdom


+44 (0) 20 7350 4000


+44 (0) 20 7350 1231

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