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Sustainable development is a marathon not a sprint
31 July 2002 - The US will bring three messages to World Summit on Sustainable Development: commitment, good policies, and partnerships, says Colin Powell in speech delivered to US State Department conference.

More than 100 World Leaders to attend Summit
30 July 2002 – Leaders from over 100 countries have officially indicated that they will attend the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg says United Nations Press Release.

ABB helps young South Africans fight drugs and violence
26 July 2002 - As part of ABB’s social responsibility policy, the engineering group is working with a local initiative in the township of Westbury to help young people build a future free from gang-based violence and drugs.

International Council of Forest and Paper Associations Established
25 July 2002 - Trade associations representing forest and paper industries around the world announced the establishment of their first-ever global association.

Enterprises pave the way for sustainable development
24 July 2002 - The IUCN will showcase examples of entrepreneurs in Southern Africa who have used local natural resources to create jobs and sustain their communities at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Business benefits from sustainability in emerging markets
22 July 2002 – First large-scale study of evidence from developing countries proves that emerging market companies gain financially from sustainability.

Countries move closer to agreement on Summit outcomes
19 July 2002 - Countries moved significantly closer toward agreement on the outcome of next month's World Summit on Sustainable Development at a meeting convened by South African President Thabo Mbeki, says UN Press Release.

Financial Times reports on World Summit on Sustainable Development
19 July 2002 - Corporate initiatives on environment and development will play a prominent role throughout the Summit says the FT.

Business sets up HQ in Johannesburg for World Summit
16 July 2002 – Business preparations for the upcoming World Summit in Johannesburg are reaching their final phases as the private sector rallies ahead of what is expected to be the world’s biggest UN conference.

'Friends of the Chair' meet to discuss Summit outcomes
15 July 2002 - South African President Thabo Mbeki has invited 25 countries to serve as "Friends of the Chair" for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. The group will hold its first meeting in New York on 17 July.

Europe steers clear of regulation
15 July 2002 - The European Commission has firmly rejected a regulatory approach to corporate social responsibility in its newly published white paper on the subject.

Credit Suisse gives children a ticket to life
11 July 2002 – Financial service company teams up with UNICEF to ensure that children have official papers, obliging governments to take responsibility for their welfare.

The Economist talks sustainable development
9 July 2002 - There is reason to believe not only that growth can be compatible with greenery, but that it often bolsters it says the Economist in its survey on the global environment.

South African President Mbeki to head African Union
9 July 2002 – African leaders gather in Durban, South Africa to inaugurate the African Union, a group modelled on the European Union.

Jo'burg Climate Legacy hits the news
3 July 2002 - South African Mail and Guardian discusses the impact the World Summit will have on CO2 emmisions and supports efforts to neutralise it through a Climate Legacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility for the EU
2 July 2002 - EU Commission speaks on the responsibilities of the corporate world in the lead up to Johannesburg.

WSSD Release draft "Elements for the Political Declaration"
2 July 2002 : World Sumit on Sustainable Development release draft "Elements for the Political Declaration" outlining urgent and renewed efforts required to be undertaken by all countries in a spirit of international solidarity in order to achieve sustainable development.

Private Sector Key to Success of African Development Plan
27 June 2002 - Business leaders with interests in Africa warn Group of Eight summit that efforts to develop Africa cannot succeed without greater private sector involvement.

Aid is fine - but trade is what poor countries need most
25 June 2002 - If you want a safe bet about the outcome of the forthcoming Group of Eight summit, it is that it will culminate in a ringing declaration of support for open trade and investment says International Chamber of Commerce Secretary General, Maria Livanos Cattaui in the International Herald Tribune.

'No' to charity, 'yes' to investment
25 June 2002 - A great moment is at hand: a chance for developed countries to make a sound investment while helping to break the cycle of African underdevelopment says South African President Thabo Mbeki in International Herald Tribune editorial.

Sustainable Development makes good business sense
20 June 2002 – Sustainable Development central to successful business strategy says BASD Vice-Chairman, Lord Holme, in article written for the International Herald Tribune.

Global oil & gas industry charts decade of progress
20 June 2002 – Working within local cultures, the oil and gas industry is helping to produce more affordable, accessible, and cleaner energy than ever before.

European Union commits to success in Johannesburg
17 June 2002 - EU foreign ministers agree to take leadership position on global sustainability issues, welcoming water, energy, health, agriculture, and biodiversity as key areas for action at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Smart solution brings clean water to rural South Africa
17 June 2002 - As part of its commitment to providing sustainable water supplies in developing countries, Ondeo, the international watercompany, has helped bring clean water to rural villages in South Africa.

Virtual Exhibition brings the world to Johannesburg
13 June 2002 - Business teams up with the UNDP to host a multi-media showcase of sustainable development initiatives at the Johannesburg Summit. Include your project in the Virtual Exhibition.

Key NGOs blame governments for Bali failures
12 June 2002 – After setbacks at the final preparatory meeting for the Johannesburg Summit, environment and economic development coalitions ask governments to get the show back on the road.

Business says states not living up to Rio promise
5 June 2002 - Multinational companies and local communities have done much more than governments to promote sustainable development during the past 10 years, says WBCSD President, Bjorn Stigson.

Business Events Calendar for Johannesburg Summit
3 June 2002 - BASD is preparing a calendar of business relevant events for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Let us know about your business event.

Call for Corporate Sustainability Reports
3 June 2002 - Submit your sustainability reports to UNEP and SustainAbility for global benchmark survey of international corporate sustainability reporting.

International Herald Tribune features Johannesburg Summit
27 May 2002 - The private sector, as the main generator of entrepreneurship and innovation, is key to the widespread delivery of both water and energy. But it cannot undertake this task on its own, writes BASD Chair Sir Mark Moody-Stuart.

Solar Power for 16,000 Households in Morocco
24 May 2002 - Total Energie, TotalFinaElf and Electricite de France partner in rural solar power electrification program in Morocco.

Your Summit questions answered
23 May 2002 – The United Nations answers frequently asked questions about the Johannesburg Summit.

World leaders speak out for the Summit
22 May 2002 – BASD chair Mark Moody-Stuart joins international leaders to express a high-level commitment to the World Summit on Sustainable Development at an informal meeting in Pretoria.

Five key areas for summit action identified by UN Secretary General
16 May - In a speech delivered by Mrs. Annan on behalf of the Secretary General, Water, Energy, Health, Agriculture, and Biodiversity were named as key areas for action at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Industry efforts not enough UNEP report claims
15 May 2002 - Releasing 22 industry sector reports, the UN Environment Programme claims that the gap is growing between strong industry efforts and the worsening state of planet.

Global air transport on path to sustainability
15 May - The United Nations Environmental Programme launch of 22 sector reports prepared for the World Summit on Sustainable Development is a landmark event in aviation history, says Executive Director of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG).

Bankers go wild as HSBC invests in nature
13 May 2002 – HSBC workers leave their desks and head into the field to help scientists collect data for environmental projects ranging from watching sea turtles in Costa Rica to tracking endangered jaguars in Brazil.

Mining and minerals industry breaks new ground in sustainability efforts
1 May 2002 - The Mining Minerals and Sustainable Development initiative released findings from a two-year research project on how the industry can maximize its contribution to sustainable development.

Corpwatch accuse business of "greenwash"
30 April 2002 - Self-appointed industry watchdog, Corpwatch, has issued a pre-summit manifesto claiming business involvement in the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg is cynically motivated.

"Life-Cycle Initiative" to combat environmental impact of rising comsumption patterns
29 April - United Nations Environment Programme and the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry launch initiative in Prague.

BASD talks technology to UN in Beijing
25 April 2002 – Mr. Björn Stigson, President of WBCSD, discussed the importance of technology as a driver toward sustainable development at UN Forum for Business and Science.

International Herald Tribune Supplements - "The Johannesburg Summit"
25 April 2002 - The International Herald Tribune and the Secretariat of the World Summit on Sustainable Development will publish a series of sponsored sections on the Johannesburg Summit. These will appear in the worldwide edition of the IHT during the final Global PrepCom, which takes place in Bali starting May 27.

Companies have a responsibility to the communities in which they operate
19 April 2002 – BASD Chief speaks of the responsibility that companies have in an interview in London's Evening Standard..

Business Partners for Development Report Reveals how Globalisation Can Benefit Both Business and Communities
18 April 2002 – Communities in developing countries, governments and businesses alike can benefit from a new approach to partnerships, according to evidence emerging from a three year “action research” programme carried out by Business Partners for Development (BPD).

G8 highlights critical role for private sector in sustainable development
14 April 2002 – Environmental Ministers from 8 industrialized countries met in Banff, Canada, to prepare for the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Global Reporting Initiative Inaugurated at U.N. Event
4 April 2002 - The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international sustainability reporting institution, was formally inaugurated at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on 4 April 2002.

UN and business unveil new project to open Jo-burg Summit to the world
3 April 2002 - A new initiative between business and the United Nations has been hailed as an opportunity for people all over the world to participate in the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg.

Global trends are reshaping business strategy and markets
3 April 2002 - Businesses that wish to survive and thrive in a global economy must respond to major social and environmental trends that are reshaping markets, says a report released today by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Enthusiasm and Some Concerns Voiced Over Partnership Proposals
2 April 2002 – The idea of using the World Summit on Sustainable Development as a launching pad for new partnerships between governments, the private sector, and community and citizen groups gained considerable momentum during a wide-ranging discussion of the concept at PrepCom III for the Summit.

UNDP focuses on LP Gas
New York, 27 March 2002 - The UN Development Program expresses the need for an LP Gas Challenge with industry to expand assess to modern energy.

Business in the media - a role for business proposed at Monterrey
Monterrey, Mexico, 22 March 2002 - The Financing for Development conference in Monterrey, Mexico concludes today and business has made news for its role in sustainable development.

Big, bold bash a logistical challenge for South African summit
Johannesburg, South Africa, 22 March 2002 - Eyes of the world will be watching as Sandton hosts World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Australia adopts greenhouse gas protocol
Sydney, Australia, 19 March - With the launch of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in Sydney on Monday, Australian companies will for the first time be able to apply internationally accepted greenhouse-gas accounting and reporting standards.

Business counterpart to Africa's NEPAD development initiative is launched
Monterrey, Mexico, 19 March - A business alliance dedicated to helping Africa to realize its full economic potential was launched today at the UN Conference on Financing for Development.

PrepcomIV moved to Bali
18 March 2002 - The fourth and final Preparatory Committee meeting for the Johannesburg Summit will be held in Bali and not Jakarta as originally planned. It is scheduled from 27 May - 7 June.

100,000 workers take to the streets
14 March 2002 - Protests press the EU Summit in Barcelona for better social and employment integration in advance of the Johannesburg Summit.

Nominations deadline for World Summit Business Awards for Sustainable Development Partnerships extended to March 22.
12 March 2002– These awards have a broad focus on partnerships that successfully deliver sustainable development objectives.

Lawyers meet to argue case for sustainable development
5 March 2002 - More than 200 lawyers will meet in Montreal in May to discuss international sustainable development law and its contribution to the Johannesburg Summit

Pakistan Conference focuses on role for developing economies
19 February 2002 – ICC Conference emphasises commitment to integrating business in the developing world with the global economy.

Kofi Annan stresses need for practical steps to build partnerships
5 February 2002 - United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan emphasizes that the UN needs partnerships with grass-roots NGOs as much as it does with corporate titans.

Mining Industry Looks to Retool for Sustainable Development
30 January 2002 – There are thousands of abandoned mines leaching pollutants into rivers and streams, and thousands of indigenous people who have been displaced by mines. It is not a flattering image for the industry, but it is hoping to change all that.

Sustainable development makes good business sense, BASD chief tells UN
29 January 2002 - Sustainable development can be best achieved within the context of an open market economy, BASD chief Sir Mark Moody-Stuart told a United Nations conference

Wanted: Commitments and Action on Sustainable Development
28 January 2002 - It took several months to gather opinions & recommendations from farmers, trade unions, community groups & business leaders on how to promote sustainable development, but they all made their way to the WSSD Preparatory Committee.

Public-private sector partnerships sought for development financing
16 January 2002 - Both domestic and foreign private sector investment should complement official development assistance, ICC Secretary General Maria Livanos Cattaui told the UN

Search is on to find sustainable development leaders
15 January 2002 - As the World Summit in Johannesburg looms large on the international calendar, ICC has launched a search for the best examples worldwide of corporate sustainable development. (External link)

Summit organisers call for private sector help
21 December 2001 - The World Summit organisers and the South African Government have asked the private sector to provide in-kind assistance at Johannesburg.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Private sector support for Earth summit
10 December 2001, FT. Sir James Lamont's article "South Africa snubbed on summit funds" did not tell the whole story about the business attitude towards funding of next year's Earth summit...". (External link)


"The case for the role of national authorities and private institutions in guiding the globalisation agenda along a sustainable path and, therefore, one in which its benefits are more equally spread, remains strong. What is needed is a commitment on the part of governments, the private sector and other institutions of civil society, to the genuine integration of all nations into the global economy and body politic.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development International Chamber of Commerce