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Biosphere Reserves: From the Rhoen-for the Rhoen Initiative
Based in the Rhoen, Germany, local agriculture, crafts, and gastronomy businesses have joined forces in this initiative to safeguard the Rhoen landscape, promote the use of regional products in gastronomy and increase employment.

Biosphere Reserves: Rhoen Apple Initiative
Apple farmers, brewers, fruit-juice producers and tree nurseries are committed to this project to conserve fruit orchards as a typical landscape feature of the Rhoen region and to generate income and employment locally.

Biosphere Reserves: Rhoen Sheep Project
The Rhoensheep is an endangered breed but through the efforts of this project the total ewe population in the region has increased from 0 to 2000 since 1994.

ForesTrade: Promoting Sustainability at the Source
ForesTrade is an international product development and trading company that imports fine quality organic coffee, spices and essential oils. Through its extensive network and commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, ForesTrade fosters small farm development, community socio-economic development, and natural resource conservation.

George Oils: Sustainable Essential Oils Industry
South African Breweries (SAB) are leading this programme to develop a local essential oils industry to compete on the international cosmetics market. Two totally organic farms have been established, providing the necessary products for the oils as well as jobs.

Global Reporting Initiative
Setting standards for sustainability reporting which are used by more than 155 companies from 17 countries the GRI works in response to the increasing influence of sustainability upon decision-making by corporations, governments and capital markets worldwide.

Landcare Australia
Combining the expertise and funds of farmers, conservation groups, government and businesses, this initiative now has 4800 Landcare groups operating across Australia to improve natural resource management.

Landcare International
Following the example of Landcare Australia, Landcare International aims to create a global network of 100 Landcare countries within the next decade.

Marine Stewardship Council: The MSC Standard for Sustainable Fisheries
More than 100 major seafood processors, traders and retailers from over 20 countries around the world, have pledged their support for the MSC programme which uses a product label to reward environmentally responsible fishery management and practises.

Rhön Biosphere Reserve Business Partnership Initiative
The Rhön Biosphere Reserve Business Partnership Initiative is an organisation of regional enterprises who actively support Rhön Biosphere Reserve in Germany, with the aim of assuring and promoting the continued development of the Rhön Biosphere Reserve.

Rhön Wood Processing/Finishing Initiative (Rhönholzveredler)
This German initiative promotes the conservation of sustainably managed broad leaf woodland by promoting the use of old-growth trees, and hence the creation and conservation of habitats for numerous wild plants and animals which depend on old growth forests and trees.

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI)
SAI is a new platform created by the food industry to actively support the worldwide promotion of sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture resource for Rural Ghana
The Sustainable Agriculture Integrated Resource for Ghana in an NGO formed in 1995 by Ghanaian agricultural scientists with the aim of promoting sustainable agricultural growth and alleviating hunger and other problems in drought affected areas.

The Elf-in-Rural-Life Project
Elf Petroleum Nigeria has united with rural communities in Nigeria to promote modern farming. Since 1995, about 3024 farmers have received seedlings, fertiliser and insecticides, while a total of 5011 farmers have received agricultural advice from resident experts.

Women In Rural Areas (WIRA) : Sustainable Livelihoods
South African Breweries (SAB) are leading this programme to develop business skills amongst women in rural communities in South Africa. The successes of some of the businesses have resulted in their products being exported internationally.



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