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Water & Sanitation:

BPD Water and Sanitation Cluster
The majority of international private water operators have joined with local governments and NGOs in this initiative to provide clean water and safe sanitation to poor communities in seven under-developed countries.

Business Partners for Development (BPD)
A programme initiated by the World Bank Group in which more than 120 organisations across the world supported and promoted 30 partnership projects that show how co-operation between the private, public and civil sectors can deliver benefits to communities and business.

Clean and Green
Based in South Africa, Clean and Green encourages communities to develop a waste management system to improve living conditions, provide employment and generate income through recycling schemes.

Global Reporting Initiative
Setting standards for sustainability reporting which are used by more than 155 companies from 17 countries the GRI works in response to the increasing influence of sustainability upon decision-making by corporations, governments and capital markets worldwide.

IMO/IPIECA Global Initiative in Africa
The main goal of the IMO / IPIECA Global Initiative is to improve the global state of oil spill preparedness and response with two main objectives; to assist developing countries to establish an effective national response structure for dealing with oil spills, and to encourage national and regional ratification and implementation of the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation.

London Remade: The Mayor of London's Green Procurement Code
The Mayor of London's Green Procurement Code tackles London’s waste crisis by providing sustainable waste management solutions to help the city reduce its waste production. The initiative aims to develop new markets for products made from recycled materials and to divert 250,000 tonnes of waste from landfill into recycled products by 2004.

Marine Stewardship Council: The MSC Standard for Sustainable Fisheries
More than 100 major seafood processors, traders and retailers from over 20 countries around the world, have pledged their support for the MSC programme which uses a product label to reward environmentally responsible fishery management and practises.

Partnership for the development of urban services in Casablanca
This partnership to provide water, sanitation, and electricy services to the city of Casablana has already brought electricity to 11,000 households and clean water to 4,000.

Partnership for the development of water and sanitation services
Achieving sustainable water and sanitation services to poor communities in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa through a public-private partnership that demonstrates the efficiency of delegated management.

Recycle millions of lives
This partnership, which promotes recycling and environmental awareness in Sao Paolo, Brazil, has already employed and trained 90 people as environmental educators.

Responsible Care in the Chemical Industry
Operating in 46 countries and led by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) Responsible Care in the Chemical Industry strives to improve the chemical industry’s health, safety and environmental performance.

Sustainable Agriculture resource for Rural Ghana
The Sustainable Agriculture Integrated Resource for Ghana in an NGO formed in 1995 by Ghanaian agricultural scientists with the aim of promoting sustainable agricultural growth and alleviating hunger and other problems in drought affected areas.

Sustainable Communities
A global partnership between SC Johnson, local governments and NGOs to ensure commitments to sustainable development projects in communities around the world.

Sustainable Development and Asset Management
A financial sector project working in Europe, the USA, and Australia to integrate sustainability-criteria into investment strategies. In 1999 it established the world's first sustainability stock index family, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), providing a sustainability benchmark for the global financial community.

The Western Indian Ocean Regional Oil Spill Contingency Planning Project
This World Bank funded initiative aims to improve oil spill preparedness and response around the Western Indian Ocean region, and create and improve the capacity of local governments and local institutions to carry out these activities.

Treatment of Arsenic Contaminated Drinking Water
Many safe water projects in India and Bangledesh were found to be contaminated by arsenic. This initiative combates this problem, improving the quality of life and health of a potential 75 million people.

WBCSD Access to Water
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development and its member companies throughout the world are working to identify how to ensure future access to the amount and quality of water needed by industry, while balancing the needs of generations to come.

West Africa Water Initiative
A $41 million project to provide potable water and sanitation to rural villages in Ghana, Mali and Niger, West Africa

Yemen Technology Transfer & Community Assistance
Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen have established this programme in partnership with the Yemen Ministry of Oil & Mineral Resources to create and maintain a skilled workforce and to improve essential services (education, health, water supply, electricity).



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