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African Energy Fund
The African Energy Fund will leverage and channel funding from the private sector and international financing agencies for energy and electricity infrastructure projects in Africa.

Alternative Fuel Initiative
Fiat, the Italian Ministry for the Environment, and Unione Petrolifera unite to promote low-emission methane-powered vehicles and reduce air pollution in Italy's cities.

E+Co offers early-stage funding to initiatives establishing local clean energy businesses in developing countries.

Energy and Biodiversity Initiative (EBI) - Oil & Gas Operations
The Energy & Biodiversity Initiative (EBI), comprised of four major energy companies and five leading conservation organizations, is developing tools and guidelines for integrating biodiversity into oil and gas development.

Energy Wisdom Programme (EWP)
This electricity industry initiative strives to achieve measurable improvements in energy efficiency and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective way.

Environmental Enterprises
By developing replicable business models, Environmental Enterprises proves to investors the viability and profitability of small environmental businesses in developing countries.

GHG Emissions Reduction Pilot Programme
Led by the World Energy Council, the GHG Emissions Reduction Pilot Programme records the effectiveness of greenhouse gas reduction programs initiated by the energy industry.

Global Initiative on Natural Gas Flaring Reductions
This World Bank led Initiative, in collaboration with the Government of Norway, aims to support the petroleum industry and national governments in their efforts to reduce the environmentally-damaging flaring of gas.

Global Reporting Initiative
Setting standards for sustainability reporting which are used by more than 155 companies from 17 countries the GRI works in response to the increasing influence of sustainability upon decision-making by corporations, governments and capital markets worldwide.

IMO/IPIECA Global Initiative in Africa
The main goal of the IMO / IPIECA Global Initiative is to improve the global state of oil spill preparedness and response with two main objectives; to assist developing countries to establish an effective national response structure for dealing with oil spills, and to encourage national and regional ratification and implementation of the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation.

Interactive Map Service (IMapS) - Providing Biodiversity Information Online
This online map provides immediate access to biodiversity and social data for use in emergency oil spill response situations and provides key environmental information for strategic planning and environmental impact assessments.

Mediterranean Oil Industry Group (MOIG)
This initiative aims to improve oil spill preparedness and response around the Mediterranean Sea, and build the capacity of local governments and local institutions to oversee these activities.

Oekoenergie-Cluster (OEC)
This initiative aims to foster innovation and competitiveness of green energy-related businesses and thereby contribute to a positive market trend in the field of renewable energies.

Phase out of Leaded Gasoline in Sub-Saharan Africa
An petroleum industry project aiming to phase out leaded gasoline in all SSA countries by 2005.

Renewable Energy in Indonesia
Seven leading electricity companies have joined forces with the Indonesian Government to provide sustainable electricity to rural villages in eastern Indonesia.

Sustainable Development and Asset Management
A financial sector project working in Europe, the USA, and Australia to integrate sustainability-criteria into investment strategies. In 1999 it established the world's first sustainability stock index family, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), providing a sustainability benchmark for the global financial community.

The Western Indian Ocean Regional Oil Spill Contingency Planning Project
This World Bank funded initiative aims to improve oil spill preparedness and response around the Western Indian Ocean region, and create and improve the capacity of local governments and local institutions to carry out these activities.

WBCSD Sustainability in the Electricity Utility Industry
Eleven WBSCD members are working with researchers and NGOs to examine how electricity needs can be met in a sustainable manner.

West Africa LP Gas Market Development
This World LP Gas Association initiative is working to establish a proper policy framework for developing the West African market of LP Gas (propane, butane) - a clean and multi-purpose fuel for households in urban and rural areas.

Yemen Technology Transfer & Community Assistance
Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen have established this programme in partnership with the Yemen Ministry of Oil & Mineral Resources to create and maintain a skilled workforce and to improve essential services (education, health, water supply, electricity).



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